Safety Scoreboards

Automatically Track Days Without an Accident with our large $149 battery-operated digital safety scoreboards!

No Power Cord Needed

Battery Operated LCD Screen

3 Inch Tall Numbers, Up to 4 Digits

Advance One Day at a Time, Automatically

Tracks Days Without Accident for Your Facility

Mount Directly to Wall or Other Flat Surface

Light Weight Aluminum Sign with Pre-Drilled Mounting Holes

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Think Safety Safety Scoreboard

Safety Star creates totally custom safety scoreboards as well as days without accident signs. Our safety scoreboard signs are a very visible reminder to your employees of the fact that your facility is working safely. In addition to reinforcing your commitment to safety our safety scoreboards visibly let your employees know how many safe days they have worked.

Keeping track of how many safe days you have worked builds pride in your workplace. It creates positive peer pressure to keep adding days worked without injury. These days without injury / accident are clearly displayed on our custom safety scoreboards.

Our custom safety scoreboards feature your logo and location and/or department/site information. We can completely tailor our safety scoreboards any way you want to visually communicate important safety information or safety messages to your employees.

Our customers place these “days without injury” signs in areas where employees gather. These areas include lunch rooms, breakrooms, team rooms and time clock locations. A number of our customers also mount our safety scoreboards in their lobby to let visitors and vendors know how important working days without an accident is to their facility.

Safety Star has created a very thin lightweight UV light and chemical resistant safety scoreboard. These scoreboard timers are very easy to set. Simply slide the tamper resistant battery cover, on the front of the timer, to the left. This opens up the battery compartment and control buttons. Easily reset the digital timer any time you have an accident and start counting safe days again.

Our safety scoreboards are battery operated. This means that you can hang our scoreboards on any flat surface. You are not limited to a mounting the safety scoreboard near a power connection.

Safety Star Safe Day Scoreboard Specifications

  • Battery Operated – Uses 2 AAA Batteries
  • 3-Inch-High / Four Digit LCD Numbers
  • Battery Life Over One Year Of Continuous Operation
  • 20” by 28” Flat Aluminum Sign
  • Easy Set Tamper Resistant Digital Timers

Safety Scoreboards

When safety is a part of your industry, taking it seriously is a must. Safety Star is the number-one LCD retailer of custom digital safety scoreboards, providing an easy way to keep your team focused on a safe, injury-free place of business.

Safety Star digital safety scoreboards are simple and efficient. Place them anywhere on your premises, documenting clear digital numbers how many days have gone past since the most recent accident, workplace injury or compliance violation. Boasting a large, visible display, personalized to the most important safety concerns in your industry, and an easily programmable timer, inspiring safety in the workplace has never been easier.

In many industries, including construction, warehousing, and manufacturing, safety is a huge issue. A few simple mistakes can lead to critical quota shortcomings, serious accidents, and major compliance violations.

While most employees are focused on safety throughout every day on the job, a few lapses in concentration are normal. When you want to keep team members focused on problem-free shifts, a Safety Star digital safety scoreboard is the best way to send a message. No matter what behavior you want to encourage, a scoreboard counting days since the last instance of incidence can keep every employee on track.

Why Safety Scoreboards Matter

If safety is your biggest concern, you need a noticeable, effective way to drive the message home. Safety Star digital safety scoreboards clearly display how many days have passed since the most recent accident, ensuring that all employees on the floor will have no choice but to take accountability for every moment spent at work. No member of your team wants to reset the timer back to zero, so with an ever-present reminder, you can keep morale up while making sure your team knows just how important it is to stay safe.

Industry-Leading Form and Function

At Safety Star, we care about quality. That’s why we have designed a simple, easy-to-use, tamper-proof safety scoreboard that keeps your operations flowing smoothly. Each scoreboard features 3-inch four-digit LCD numbers with easy-set tamper-resistant timers. Setting the scoreboard is simple and straightforward: Simply slide the battery cover to the left to access control buttons that can set your clock back to zero. Best of all, our scoreboards aren’t dependent on a power source; two AAA batteries provide power for over one year. Place your scoreboard in any location in your facility, and watch your team get to work.

When you want to keep your team safe, a Safety Star digital safety scoreboard is the perfect solution. Hang it in your break room, lunch room or time clock location to ensure your team is consistently focused on safe practices and procedures. Effective, customizable and high quality, these boards are a great way to help employees put safety first. Contact us today to learn more.

Keep Your Team on Track

Positive behavior in the workplace is always a priority, especially in a high-pressure or dangerous environment. With these safety scoreboards, you keep your team on track, providing a visual reminder of the importance of safety.

In a team atmosphere where every employee is accountable, it can be challenging to encourage good behavior and boost morale on a regular basis. A safety scoreboard accomplishes both, urging your employees to work harder, more diligently and with attention to detail. No one wants
to be the one to set back the scoreboard, giving you a great motivational tool to keep your team moving forward.

Fully Customizable

No two industries are exactly alike, and that includes safety measures. To make sure your digital safety scoreboard is specific to the needs of your workplace, Safety Star helps you create the ideal product. We know the importance of sending a relevant message, so we work with you to design a custom scoreboard featuring the logo and safety features of your choice.

When you place your order, just let us know what you want your safety scoreboard say, your company colors, and any logos or images that need incorporating, and we’ll do the rest. From lost time injuries to OSHA recordables, we’ll provide you with the perfect scoreboard for your needs.

Have something special in mind? Our scoreboards are available in a wide range of model options, including:

  • Full and semi-custom scoreboards
  • Single timer scoreboards
  • Multi-timer scoreboards

No matter what you need to keep your employees focused on workplace safety, we help you get there.

Customized Designs

Most safety scoreboards offer consistent features, including a digital counter and an indication of the safety issue at hand. In order to make sure your scoreboard speaks to your team, however, a run of the mill product won’t do. With Safety Star, you can customize your scoreboard in full, including color scheme, text, and even the number of counters.

We’re here to create the perfect fit for your job, no matter what message will motivate your team the most. We can even give you a choice of sizes: 20″ by 28″ or 24″ x 36″.

Full Custom Scoreboards

As the name implies, full custom scoreboards allow customers to control the entirety of the design process. From a background image to the text color, you’ll hold the reins every step of the way. When you place your order, simply select the full custom scoreboard option, provide all necessary design details, and we’ll take it from there!

Partial Custom Scoreboards

A partial custom scoreboard is a step down from the full custom option. Instead of submitting a full design for us to use to create your scoreboard, you can share whatever details you’d like to include, like the name of your industry or the kind of safety metrics you’d like to track. From there, our graphic designers will organize your message into a one-of-a-kind scoreboard.

Single-Timer Scoreboards

Our most popular option, a single-timer scoreboard is simple and straightforward, depicting one timer with your chosen safety metric. Available in both custom and partial custom designs, you can easily attract the attention of your team with a single-time scoreboard. LCD screens are visible up to 50 feet away!

Multi-Timer Scoreboards

For high demand or complex industries, one counter may not be enough. Rather than ordering numerous single-timer scoreboards, you can get the best of both worlds with a multi-timer scoreboard. We can include up to six timers on each scoreboard, providing you with a comprehensive way to target the incidents most relevant to your business.

Promoting safety in the workplace doesn’t have to be a challenge. Instead, let Safety Star digital safety scoreboards send the message for you. No matter the design you have in mind, a custom scoreboard can demonstrate the importance of safe practices, giving your team the necessary motivation to stay committed to proper procedures. Contact us today to learn more about what we have to offer!

Dry Erase Safety Scoreboard Posters

Get the attention of your employees with one of our large TRACK & WIPE Dry Erase safety scoreboard posters.

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Full Custom Scoreboards

Design Your Own Customized Scoreboard Using Our Graphic Artists At No Charge To You!

These Safety Scoreboards feature a battery powered, digital timer with an LCD Screen that is visible up to 50ft. away. Use your logo and custom message to create a powerful safety awareness sign that tracks the days since your last injury. Available in 20” x 28” and 24” x 36”.

Full Custom with Single Timer

20″ X 28″ – $149
24″ X 36″ – $159

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Full Custom with Double Timers

20″ X 28″ – $179
24″ X 36″ – $189

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Full Custom with Single Timer and Dry Erase Box

20″ X 28″ – $159
24″ X 36″ – $169

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Semi-Custom Scoreboards

Quickly and Easily Add Your Company Name and/or Safety Phrase to Create a Semi-Custom Safety Scoreboard!

The semi-custom Safety Scoreboards offer the same features as the fully custom signs, including a battery powered, digital timer with an LCD Screen that is visible up to 50ft. away. Available in 20” x 28” and 24” x 36”.

Multi-Timer Scoreboards

At Safety Star, Our Customers Can Add As Many Day Counters or Milestone Trackers as Needed!

Our fully custom multi-timer safety scoreboards make it easy for your company to track as many milestones and goals as needed. Upload your own design, or let our graphic designers do the work for you.