Injury Tracker Posters

Review. Track. Spot.

This is the highly visible Injury Tracking Program you have been looking for!

Our unique laminated poster come in 2 convenient sizes and each are complete with 100 brilliant fluorescent peel & stick labels used to record and display injury information.

Here’s How The Program Works

  • Mount the Injury Tracker Poster in a visible area, such as the lunchroom or employee entrance.
  • As injuries occur. record this information on one of the pressure sensitive labels provided. You decide how much information to record on each label.
  • Apply the label next to the injured area on the poster.

You’ll know at a glance the number and severity of the injuries at your facility. Employees will be continually reminded by type and location that injuries can occur. The Injury Tracker works well to compliment your other safety efforts

In addition to labels, you can now use dry or wet erase markers on the Injury Tracker.

The Injury Tracker wipes cleanly thousands of times and will not leave a “ghost” stain.

Our unlque laminated poster comes complete with 100 brilliant fluorescent pressure sensitive labels used to record and display injury information. Use different labels to show injury severity ie. Lost Time, Recordable. Medical Treatment. or First Aid.

Stock Injury Tracker Posters

Custom Injury Tracker Posters

Injury Tracker Poster Labels